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At Home Among the Trees

Zahri Seb Melitor
14 April 1987
I'm a twenty two year old Australian. I read an awful lot, mostly sci fi, fantasy and comics, play games, study Engineering at Uni, backstage for my local community theatre, and do Taekwondo. I also happen to be a cheerleader: for competition, not for football.

I have a number of fandoms, and are involved to a greater or lesser extent in them. I'm currently obsessed with Buffy, Doctor Who, Fables, and DC comics: more specifically, old time Young Justice, the Batfamily, the Birds of Prey, Blue Beetle III and Blue and Gold. I mostly only venture into Marvel for Power Pack and Runaways, though I'll hang around for the Steve/Tony.

My Kiwi Big Sister pixie_caramel21 drew this for me:

Innit pretty?