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Zahri Seb Melitor [userpic]


October 3rd, 2012 (11:39 pm)

Just started watching Revolution.

It's not bad, for an alt-future dystopia. Unfortunately it's currently suffering from "Lack of Beth's Favourite Parts of Dies The Fire"-ness. And considering the premise, the fact that I'm currenty able to compare it to a series that likes belabouring the details is making it suffer.

Guns work. Did we just Alien-Space-Bat all the electricity out of existence and leave the guns behind? Poor form, TV show; the no-gun rule made the schitzo tech of Dies the Fire more fun.

Also I want my crazy SCA people, my kilts, and my cannibals. (poutpoutpout)

I'm also having a very hard time believing in the costuming. Sure guys, after 15 years of course there is cotton to make new ACDC shirts from, and your plastics industry is still functioning to allow you to print shiny lettering onto the shirt. There's been no big die-off due to millions of people starving to death or dying of disease, we can still support industry on that scale.

Or, alternatively, Fat Geek Guy had a stockpile of 10 ACDC shirts prior to the Blackout that allows him to be wearing a new-looking unfaded shirt. In a world where the washing has to be done by hand. Sure.


Posted by: Singing at La Fenice... (psychic_serpent)
Posted at: October 4th, 2012 07:17 pm (UTC)
Venetian Winged Lion

In general, I'm finding the show interesting, but I have to agree with a reviewer who said that all of these people are simply too CLEAN looking. At least on Lost you had folks walking around with a lot of grime on their faces, and some matted hair and dirty fingernails!

Now, after the breakdown of society, I could see folks looting clothing stores and stocking up on shoes, boots, and various articles of clothing in their sizes. That seems less implausible than the squeaky-clean appearance of everyone we've seen. (Especially the hair--Charlie's is so shiny and pretty! That just should NOT be.)

I'm not sure why guns wouldn't work in a world with no electricity, though. They're mechanical. It hasn't been said, but if there was something along the lines of a world-wide EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) that disrupted all of the electronics, flintlock guns, crossbows and similar items should still work. (And wind-up clocks and watches, too.) Of course, some plot developments we've already seen imply that the world-wide anti-electricity effect doesn't seem to be in existence anymore.

The weirdest thing was the cell phone that started to come on for a moment in the last episode. After fifteen years we're supposed to be believe that it still has some battery life? And somewhere, there's a computer that's transmitting the correct time to a satellite that sent that data to the briefly-working phone?

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