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Zahri Seb Melitor [userpic]

Sport and Trusting Coaches

June 15th, 2012 (06:54 am)

current mood: cheerful

I was at training tonight, and Stef started asking me what seemed like random questions (did you do long distance running as a kid? Yes. Did you sprint? Yes, but I sucked at it). I answered each and every one without hesitation.

He was trying to convince me I needed to work on my fast twitch muscle fibres. Which is completely true, as I tend to be a boy with my tumbling and muscle through it.

And I realised that 20 years of sports training and coaches has meant that there are some things that 'normal' girls would hesitate to tell someone, that I'm comfortable rattling off.

I'll tell you my body weight (Cheer and Taekwondo. Weight is important). I'll tell you my bra size and if it changes (Diving. The year I grew breasts over the winter was a miserable one, since I had to relearn my centre of balance and how to rotate. Also affected my gymnastics, but those first few dives HURT). I'll tell you what I ate today. If something hurts.

I automatically will say, after a dive or stunt or tumble pass, what I did wrong in it and what I need to work on next time (years and years of coaching and innate bodily awareness. The other people I know who do this without prompting also have had coaches critiquing them for years who demand that you tell them what happened, to improve your spatial awareness). I'll tell a friend one thing to fix if I'm watching them.

I'll throw dangerous things since my coaches tell me I'm ready to. And fight down that mental voice that panics. I'm much, much better at winning the argument over Freaking Out Brain than I was in my teens.

I found that the best way to make yourself actually stretch properly and do every skill with the best technique you know, is to be paying for training yourself. Nothing focuses your mind like being the one handing over the money.

And I glow when my coaches tell me I've been getting better.