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Zahri Seb Melitor [userpic]


March 30th, 2012 (08:26 pm)

Oh, All-Star Cheer. Watching your reaction to the world ending is kinda hilarious.

- The new tumbling rules were fairly ill-considered.
- The new costuming and makeup rules for guys is sexist and heteronormative.
- I'm personally iritated by the new bow rules if the 3 inch rule is total width, not ribbon width. (Byebye bunny ears).
- Banning cheerleaders from glitter is just asking for trouble.

But seriously. Putting a minimum age on the Senior teams is a sensible plan, and upping Open Level 5 to 17+ evens the playing field out. There is a huge difference between a team flying 14 year olds and 17 year olds. Acknowledging that fact is not wrong.

USASF is trying to rein in some of the inappropriate excesses with the costuming and music rules. Yes, I think the wording is possibly a bit too strict about it, particularly about the music choices. But they're clearly just trying to shift the costuming back to being slightly less Toddler & Tiaraish. Your top should not look like it's going to come off if you breathe wrong.

Spelling out the exact rules on what sort of shorts and skirts are inappropriate is just sensible: we've all seen the teams with belt skirts, I've flown people who weren't wearing spankies, and clearly outlining the point that you should be able to wear your uniform in public is not that big an ask.

On the midriff issue - well, I'm used to Australia, where most gyms only put midriffs on their seniors and opens anyway. Desexualising the pre-teens will only make it more parent-friendly. And if anyone whinges about the 10inch rule - I have a fairly long torso. I checked. 10 inches is from the bottom of a crop top to the top of my hipbones. Anything more than that for a uniform is probably in skank territory, the measurement is generous enough for most uniforms. (And yes, while I've trained wearing less than that, with a bigger gap, it's around my teammates. Not the babies or their parents)

On the cover-up rules: Look, I'm used to spending most of a comp in my team shirt and skirt/shorts anyway, since they tend to be hot, sweaty places where I'm running around a lot, and wearing my uniform for that is uncomfortable. Have I worn less at a comp? Yes. Is implementing rules so that we have to keep our torsos covered apart from when we are warming up or competing a bit harsh? Yes, but they're once again trying to rein in people walking around in similar amounts of clothing to a bikini. Stop thinking about it as covering up your uniform, and think of it more as looking appropriate to the general public who might be nearby.

Look. They've said they're going to reconsider the tumble rules. Calm down and watch to see what they come out with, eh?