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Zahri Seb Melitor [userpic]

The "Hey, stuff that's going on in my life" post.

January 25th, 2012 (06:58 pm)

current mood: cheerful

A new year.

My job is opening a new office in Campbelltown, and I'll now be working down there. This has been a work-in-process for the last 3-4 months: the original opening date was mid November. Then shit happened with contracts. At this point, it looks like Moving Day is 3 February, with the office opening to clients early that next week.

I'm spending the Australia Day Weekend (made into a weekend by the expedient of taking leave for the Friday) down the coast, trying to find some sun to lie in at the beach, with three of my very good friends. Since two of them now live in Canberra, I mostly only get to see them when one of us passes through the other's city, though I'm going to try to make it more often this year.

On Sunday, however, I'll have to book it back to Sydney around lunchtime, because I have registration for cheerleading that evening. And I got my official offer of a spot on a Level 5 squad this year. And Australia only has teams up to Level 5; we're so small it's not worth fielding Level 6. And by small, I mean I can think of... seven Level 5 teams in Australia. Maybe eight, if Sydney Uni do compete at 5 instead of 4 this year. I'm moving up from a Level 3 squad on a different team; passing the audition for Level 5 is pretty exciting.

I'm also currently looking at places to move out. Should be soon - once I find somewhere affordable that isn't a hole in the ground, and is nearish to work, I'll be out of here. :D