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Zahri Seb Melitor [userpic]

Advice to my 15 Year Old Self:

August 11th, 2012 (11:39 pm)

current mood: cold

Never say never. It'll come back and bite you.

10 years ago I was firmly convinced I was not going to be involved in community musical theatre. Not interested, thanks. About 9.5 years ago I got dragged in to help as Mum couldn't be there for a performance and fell in love. The rest is history: I've crewed a long, long list of shows, and am quite a competent ASM and Stage Manager these days.

Today: I did what I spent 3 whole years telling people I did not do. I was a professional cheerleader at an NRL match.

Cheerleading in Australia is still a case of reciting to disbelieving people "No, I'm not an NRL cheerleader, wearing little to no clothing and shaking pom poms. I do American-style/competition cheerleading. Have you seen Bring It On? The girls throwing people in the air and with crazy flips and stuff? I do that sort of cheerleading. It's a sport."

Well, today I put on a West Tigers Cheerleader uniform and sat in the freezing cold in the rain and cheered for a NRL game. Look, Tigers are the only cheer squad who have a proper stunt cheer squad. It's coached by my own coaches. They were desperately short bodies for this weekend and asked me to fill in. As far as it goes... I was still in my own comfort zone. Still my sort of cheer.

And since I had an hour on Thursday to pick up the routine, with only other members of the 14 person squad there to help, I'm super proud of myself that one of my coaches told me after the game that he was really happy - he hadn't noticed me at all in the routine. This is important - you're only noticeable if you stuff up, you're featured for something, or if you're a flyer. I did none of those things. :D

And now I am home and warm and wearing something on my legs, which turned blue with goosebumps tonight. Even the laprug I was sharing with two other girls didn't help that much.

(Oh Cheer: I just met you, and this is crazy, but we're both freezing, so snuggle maybe?)