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Zahri Seb Melitor [userpic]

Fanon Time!

April 24th, 2012 (01:32 pm)

Topic: The Dresden Files.

In the middle of a series reread. Currently at White Night.

Favourite character: Lash. Then Ivy and Mouse.

Favourite moment in the series so far: While Sue is undoubtably epic, I love the Fellowship of the Ring conversation and Lash's sacrifice, for very different reasons. Any time Lea is chewing on the scenery is usually pretty awesome, too.

Best OMG moment in the series so far: "And the parasite kept your heart pumping". Mostly because I am a pathetic fangirl. It can only be Lash or Margaret.

Favourite general fanon: Lash's return. Which makes sense, seeing as it took about three books post Harry burning his hand for him to regain a decent level of function from it. The books run on approximately one-a-year. White Night was book 9. The 'female voice' occurred at the end of Changes, which was book 12. Enough brain cells should have regenerated to reconnect pathways and allow Lash control of Harry's body again for Ghost Story.

Favourite personal fanon: The Black Council is the same organisation as The Black Cloak Society from King's Quest. This will never happen in the books, of course, for vaious sensible reasons. But if I got around to writing fanfic for The Dresden Files, there would be a Black Council sorceror who got turned into a cat by his runaway apprentice.

Favourite theory: Most of my friends complained about the level in badass Butters took prior to Ghost Story. But Butters didn't actually take a level in badass... he took a level in Bob. Bob's the Spirit of Air and Intellect. He LOVES knowledge. We're used to seeing Bob through Harry's eyes, and Bob raised Harry from the age of 16. They're ridiculously codependent on each other, and part of why Harry such a powerful wizard isn't only that his mother and grandfather are both such badasses, but his magical study and understanding has largely come from Bob. Think of access to Bob as access to Magic Internet. And Butters, curious, geeky Butters, gets his hands on Bob, who starts answering his questions, and conforms to the attitude and views of his owner. Of course Butters got a power up - he powered-up in the direction of his interest in magic. Bob-with-Butters is not the same Bob as Bob-with-Harry.

We only never noticed this about Harry earlier, because, as I pointed out, Harry and Bob have been together since Harry was 16. And Harry's shaped Bob at least as heavily as Bob's shaped Harry. (Hello, Evil Bob)