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Zahri Seb Melitor [userpic]

Hunger Games

March 16th, 2012 (12:43 pm)

Since the first movie is coming out and I always hate myself for seeing movies prior to reading books, I got my act together and blew through the Hunger Games series this week.

They're good. I had trouble putting them down, in fact. They have that solid, appealing feel to them that no doubt makes teenagers fall head-over-heels overinvested in the series.

However, this is not a fandom that's going to catch me in it. I'm too old for it.

While Katniss is a strong female character, discovering the dark depths to which the world around her can force her, I've read her before. I've loved her and wildly fanficed in my head for her before.

For me, she was Ellie Linton (of the Tomorrow When the War Began books) and Joelle (of Galax-arena).

The desperation to protect her family, the darkness she found in her soul to keep herself alive and fighting in a terrible situation, the psychotic breaks with reality... I lived through them with Ellie and Joelle in my early teens.

I am in no way saying that Ellie or Joelle are superior to Katniss. I'm saying that, for me, I already know her character, and I'm no longer the impressionable teen who'll live through her, since I've already done that.

The Hunger Games have that allure of Really Good Books. But while I love my YA, I'm now too old and experienced for this one to worm into my heart.

(Actually, Katniss' first psychotic break explained to me why the books just felt that slight bit off and lacking in that special magic to me. She starts raving and wakes up in bed, followed by an explanation of how stuff just went down. My brain clicked over and goes "Hello, Ellie". The deja vu hit like a freight train.)